ReadyCare – Telemedicine Service

ReadyCare is the smart, convenient way to speak to a GP anytime, anywhere. It’s Australia’s first telemedicine service where you can talk to a GP.

Initially, the site lived buried within with no clear call to actions, product information or strong branding. I lead design of the ReadyCare site starting with market research, persona creation and user testing.

ClientTelstra HealthYear2016

Content First Approach

We utilized a content first approach before diving into any visual design details led to a site with customer relevant messaging supported by custom imagery. We took our three customer segments, laid out their pain points and concerns about using a new form of communication to get medical help and crafted our text to address each of these concerns in order or importance and what type of imagery would support the text.

Testing Early

After we laid out the content first, we created wireframes with the content sitting in place on the mobile and desktop versions. We did remote user testing asking people to browse the website to consider if a telemedicine service could work for them.

Create Imagery & Video To Support Content

After testing the content in place and changing text and flows to clarify misunderstandings, we partnered with a video production agency to craft 3 use case videos to address all of the concerns of using a new service they traditionally would use in person.

The wireframes already had content placeholders for the images and video and they were used durring the shoot to capture images that support the text. Simple things like having eyes look at call to action buttons increase click rates.


Increase in Calls


Bounce Rate


Time on Page

People Have No Imagination

From our extensive market research into how people perceived telemedicine we had to educate customers on what telemedicine is and how it could fit into their lives. How does someone in their 50s come to trust their medical needs to a virtual service?

Use Video To Show Relevancy In Their Environemnt

We shot on location for each of our market segments to address their largest concern, “I can’t see myself using this service over seeing my doctor in person.”

Each of the video’s talk about the unique advantages of using the service over traditional means and showing the usage in their environment.

Split Testing

We captured images and video for each of our market segments. We split tested the images and video for the general traffic and also displayed different videos based on the type of website a visitor came from.