Hitchhiking ride

Hitchhiking Across America, Spanging, Singing and Smiling

75% of car rides in the United States are single passenger rides. Focusing on this fact, one may assume it is easy to catch a lift in these empty cars across the United States.

I returned 2 months ago from hitchhiking across the United States. Strangely it feels like it was yesterday I was begging for gas money with a beat up cardboard sign in front of a WalMart in Texas to help my new found ride, who always fills their tank this way.

Design Your Modern Hitchhiking Experience

Cruising down the road at 45 miles per hour you spot a guy wearing a purple shirt, a genuine smile and a thumb jutting out standing confidently on the side of the road with a bright sign that reads "NYC".

You have heard of hitchhikers before, but never actually seen one. Your altruistic gut is telling you to slowly pull over and offer this stranger a ride in your car. You never pick up hitchhikers you think, but this guy doesn't seem like the horror stories you've heard.